Oliver Pickleball Newsletter September 2019


*Important Changes*

We are combining round robin play on Sundays for the remainder of the season. Now, all levels will play in one round robin starting at 8:30 (sign up by 8:15)

There will be no Round Robin on Sunday, Sept.8 due to the Tennis Club's two day tournament.

Gord Young Clinic Aug.10

Although the weather did not co-operate, everyone benefited from strategy instruction and new drills to improve ball handling skills. Thanks again to Gord and Paul for volunteering their expertise and donating their time!

Some of our members are going to use their newly honed skills to compete in the 55+ games in Kelowna in September. Sandy Richer & Barb Mills will be in the Women's 3.5 competition. Gord Young & some of our advanced evening players will be there as well. Anyone want to carpool to cheer them on? 

Paddle Holder

The paddle holder is working well when we use it. Put your paddle in the holder to show your intention to play. We’ve used winners on the right and losers on the left with partners splitting for the next game. If you’re having a social moment at the picnic table and do not wish to play, by all means keep your paddle with you. As long as we all communicate all will go well. 

Fall Fun Tournament 

To date we have no volunteer organizers for this event and we are running out of time. If you still want a fun tourney let us know. Assistance is available! 

Start Times 

As the mornings are cooler, it has been suggested that we have a later start time. 8:30 has been suggested for all three morning starts. Let us know what you think. 

October Annual General Meeting 

Indoor pickleball commences on September 16, so we’ll want to have our membership meeting before that. Right now we are looking at the beginning of October. We will let you know as soon as the date & time are determined.

At this meeting, among other business, we will determine fees for next year as well as elect a new Board. As per the bylaws, each board member is stepping down and we need a new team of enthusiasts to carry on the roles of president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The work associated with being a Board member isn't that time-consuming (see the by-laws for job descriptions). The work really doesn't start until April. From then through June is where most of the organizing takes place. 

This has been a very successful season so far- over 70 members ranging in skill levels from beginner to very advanced players. The best, and by far the most important part, has been the sounds coming from our courts- lots of laughter and fun! (sounds like kids playing?). What could be better than that? Maybe our own dedicated courts!

We have been recording the number of players in each play session (for ammunition to get our own courts). The numbers are holding steady at 16-22 players on average at each session- far and above any of the previous years! And if the weather holds we plan to continue for another six to eight weeks. 

This will be the last newsletter of the 2019 season. We will send out emails for important notifications. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you on the courts!

Your OPC Board,

Sherry, Cathy D., Faye & Helene